Attractions and Activities in Langebaan

There is a wide variety of activities for young and old when in Langebaan. Below are listed some of the main activities.

Things to do

The growing business sector in Langebaan means that this small town can offer a surprisingly wide range of services and facilities.

A number of supermarkets and shops offer everything from delicious food including fresh fish, clothing, crafts, D-I-Y, curios, sports gear and more.

Banking facilities are available from the main banking institutions and emergency services including ambulance and fire brigade, are covered by the Police and Municipality.

Wander down Breë Street and lose yourself in the maze of small and interesting shops and boutiques. Treat yourself to a new item of clothing, buy a hand-made trinket for your home, a gift for a friend or find the best souvenir to remind you of Langebaan.

Langebaan Adventure and Sport

Professionals and beginners can test their skills at the Cape Sports Center; from wind/kitesurfing, canoeing, or hire a bike to explore Langebaan.

World famous for wind and kitesurfing, Langebaan is the spot to test your surfing skills. With perfect conditions for these two water sports, the lagoon is often filled with the bright sails and kites from these sportsmen. Sailing, canoeing, kayaking and fishing are other very popular activities the lagoon offers the visitor.

On land, everything from hiking, bird-watching, horse-riding, biking, go-karts and quad bikes to a round of golf or a game of tennis or bowls or even a slide down the supertube - there is much on offer for both young and old.

A lagoon cruise or traditional walk along the beach to watch a breath-taking sunset, is the ultimate way to end your day.

Langebaan Dining

Seafood, boerekos, continental or oriental, the soul of Langebaan is in its food. Good food, a selection of wines and entertainment for all to enjoy. Dine out on your choice of food from delicious seafood to traditional boerekos or continental fare.

Try seafood on the beach or enjoy the cosy atmosphere in one of the many smaller eateries. Dance away to live entertainment at the nightclub, break a plate Greek style or enjoy a drink at the Yacht Club. Coffee shops or pancake parlours, pizzas, take aways or sushi. Kiddies menus, award winning wine lists, mind-boggling buffets or traditional West Coast meals; Langebaan caters for all and is the entertainment centre of the region.

West Coast Fossil Park

The Fossil Park will give you insight into the ecological history of the region. The educational tours and information sessions are very popular. Five million years ago the Cape West Coast was different from what it is today. We know this because one of the richest fossil sites in the world was discovered through phosphate mining operations at Langebaan Road.

Over the past 40 years over 200 different kinds of fossil animals have been collected and they include many that are new to science such as the African Bear, Agriotherium africanum. When mining operations ceased in 1993, the Iziko South African Museum and Bhpbilliton recognized the potential for developing the West Coast Fossil Park. Consequently, a 14ha fossil-rich area within the mine property was declared a national Monument in 1996 and phase one of the Park was launched in September 1998.

This is a pioneering project that is bringing the fascinating science of palaeontology to the public by way of school and tourist programmes. It is well worth a visit!

Health and wellness in Langebaan

The town boasts a number of doctors, a pharmacy, physiotherapist, dentist, dietician as well as beauticians, holistic therapists and fitness instructors.

There are two small-scale gymnasiums, which offer a variety of classes and facilities to keep you in shape. After a day on the water, a run on the beach or an aerobics class, make your way to the sauna to detox. Professional service providers offer a super selection of treatments at reasonable prices.

For more serious medical emergencies, the West Coast Private Hospital is situated in Vredenburg, which is a mere 25km from Langebaan.

Langebaan ecology and nature

Langebaan Lagoon in the West Coast National Park is registered with the Ramsar Convention as a Wetland bird sanctuary.  It boasts more than 350 species with bird-hides overlooking the lagoon.  Breeding colonies feature among the hightlights of the lagoon’s four islands (Malgas, Jutten, Schaapen and Marcus), with Malgas being home to one of only six Colonies of Cape Gannets.  All islands can be visited in kayaks under Park Guide supervision.

Many visitors describe the display of wild flowers in the Park as breathtaking. Areas of the Park are blanketed with flowers of many different shades and hues. The wild flower display can be seen anytime between July and September and the best time is very much dependent upon the weather. The time of year when the flowers are usually at their best is during the months of August and September. It is interesting to note that the colour patterns change from week to week as flowers fade and other varieties come into bloom.